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Top binary options brokers


Top Binary Options Brokers (also known as TBOB) is one of the leading binary options portals that ranks brokers. Our goal is to provide an up to date list of the best binary options brokers in order to help you choose wisely.

Just below you can see our current ranking of the top five brokers:

Banc de Binary BANC DE BINARY  
Stock Pair STOCK PAIR  


Our ranking takes into account many factors. Here are some of the factors that have a higher weight in our ranking system:

- Acceptance of US traders. This is important because many brokers don't take customers from USA and therefore are closed to one of the biggest markets. This means less liquidity and they are also useless to a very large audience.

- Good payouts. Having higher than average payouts is extremely important for the frequent trader. Just imagine how important it is to have a payout of 85% instead of 80% for example. Considering a 60% win ratio and 100 trades worth 100 dollars each the results would be the following: at 85% payout the trader wins $1,100 (85*60 - 100*40) while at 80% payout the trader wins only $800 (80*60 - 100*40). The difference is $300 which compared to a $800 win is a whooping 37.5% higher winning. While you may be fooled to believe that 5% doesn't matter, the above example shows that 5% can turn into 37% more winnings in a real trading repetitive example with many wins and loses.

- Variety of assets. The more assets you can trade, the more options you have. Sometimes you may have a good info about a specific company that some brokers have it and others don't. The more assets a broker has in offer, the higher chances for you to trade what you want.

- Trading platform. A good trading platform is easier to use and has better functionality. Since you are going to trade a lot of time with your broker it is important to have a good platform with good connectivity and fast response. Different platforms also have different instruments like touch options, border or boundaries and even option builder. We like to rank the brokers with top notch platforms and trading instruments.

- Reputation. We all know good reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose. If a broker operates for years and still keeps a good reputation, it probably deserves it. We never list known scams or brokers with poor reviews from their traders.

- Banking options. One thing few people think about but it is very important for a trader is the options for depositing and withdrawing funds from the broker. Credit card processing as well as additional payment methods like PayPal or other Ewallets are extremely important. The speed of withdrawals is also important because you will get your winnings faster.


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Risk warning: Before start trading options you must understand that this is a high risk investment. The advantage of having a full control over your trades gives you the opportunity to establish the maximum potential loss. Anyway, once a trade is placed, the entire investment is at risk. Like any high yield investment, derivative trading is designed for risk takers that understand how things work. Please make sure you fully understand what derivatives are before trading.